On behalf of the Delmar Chiropractic Office, we would like to thank you for your patience during these trying times. We know this journey has been challenging for all of us. There has always been light at the end of the tunnel – now it shines more brightly.

As many of you are aware, after our original voluntary 2 week closure in March, we have been able to remain open for emergency and acute patients only. This has been equally frustrating for all of us, as we thrive on helping you the best that we can.

We are pleased to announce that full access to chiropractic care has been approved! As we welcome you back to our practice, you will notice some important changes that we have implemented over the past 3 months to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Some of the changes we have implemented may exceed those required by the to which we adhere. We continually monitor state and federal agencies as we all learn more about the variety of symptoms and methods by which Covid-19 spreads, including the N.Y. Department of Health (NY DOH) and the U.S. Center of Disease Control (CDC).

1. Patients are screened for potential exposure during scheduling and again upon arrival. Our doctors and staff do a temperature check and are screened daily before work.

2. Masks are still required – it is a state mandate. If you do not have a mask (or forget to wear one) we have disposable masks at our front desk.

3. Like yourself, our doctors and staff will be wearing required personal protective equipment such as masks.

4. You will notice a change in the seating arrangements in the waiting room to allow for social distancing. In addition, non-essential items such as books, magazines and children’s toys have been removed for safety purposes.

5. Similarly, we have changed our appointment schedules to reduce patient interaction while you check in and out and while we disinfect after each patient.

6. Equally important: you will receive the same quality of care that we have always offered.

Your health and wellness is always our top priority. As part of our office's commitment to quality, we continue to seek best practices in all aspects of the care we render to you. As your trusted health care partner, we are here to serve you.


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