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"Like most people in our society, I grew up believing in the medical myth.
I grew up believing that health comes from the doctor, the drugstore and the hospital.
I did not understand that the choices I made and the way I lived
could make a tremendous difference to the quality of the life I experienced.
I never imagined that the source of true healing lay within each of us."

John Robbins from Reclaiming our Health

The following resources have been assembled to provide you with more chiropractic care information and general health and wellness information available on the internet.

Aim for Healthy Weight
Assess your risk, calculate your BMI and more
America’s Council on Fitness
American Chiropractic Association
Association of Chiropractic Colleges
Links to most chiropractic colleges and universities.
Back Pack Safety America
Information on the importance of using a backpack properly to prevent damage to a child's growing spine and skeleton.
Chiropractic Resource Organization
Excellent and sometimes controversial articles and information on chiropractic.
The premiere resource for chiropractic information for the public
Links to information on weight loss and fitness.
How does your local hospital, nursing home, health plan rate?
International Chiropractors Association
Life Extension Foundation
Life extension foundation's objective is to support research that would enable humans to gain control over aging and its related diseases. An excellent site for alternative and complementary health information.
MedLine Plus Drug Information
Never take medication or give it to your children without consulting this resource first. Check drugs for side effects, warnings, contraindications and adverse reactions.
Large selection of health-related products and books.
Dr. Joseph Mercola's website
Natural health expertise with a nutrition and lifestyle focus.
National Vaccine Safety Information Center
Outstanding resource on vaccine and immunization. A must-see for every parent considering immunizing their children.
Interesting information and articles on the chiropractic profession.
Posture Pump
The Posture Pump Spine Trainer relieves back and neck stiffness.
Sole Supports
Custom foot orthotics.
Today's Chiropractic
Features articles on celebrities who advocate chiropractic care for health and wellness.
To Your Health
Health and wellness articles.
Vegetarian articles, recipes and discussion boards.
Vitamin D Council
Everything you need to know about Vitamin D.
Fleet Feet
A great resource for people who run or just need a great pair of shoes with unbelievable customer service.
Standard Process Vitamins
Whole food vitamins

Paul Scharnott
The capital district's authority for "CORE" and spinal stabilization

Ann Carey Tobin, M.D. Partners in Healing
Partners in Healing (PIH) is an integrative medicine practice dedicated to nurturing the healer within

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